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How to apply Germany student visa from Pakistan

For the past 4-5 years many of Pakistan’s young minds have started to pursue their masters in European and Scandinavian states. The main reason and attraction has been the tuition waiver these countries offer on the undergraduate and master’s level. With basic education free you only have to cater other living expenses, where in return you are getting a degree that carries substantial weight in the working environment. European Countries especially Germany have a very low unemployment rate, so people are encouraged to live there and get a good job.

In an era where people are going for PR in Canada and Australia after spending tons of money, Germany is the most suitable option for people willing to settle abroad after completing their master’s program and almost 95% of the people land a white collar job in Germany. Now although Scandinavian countries also offer free education, but the thing is that job security in those countries is not as strong as Germany has to offer. German universities overall have a similar standard for International students so ending up with a good job is quite easy.

But the question that arises is, how to apply for a student visa or go for your higher studies to Germany. The country although welcomes International students with free education and open arms, there are still some hurdles in the process. There is a certain criteria that is to be met and certain formalities needed to be filled in order to go to Germany.

First and foremost objective is to apply in a university you aim to study and see whether they offer the program you want to pursue. Once you get the admission or a signal from the desired university that you are in, then starts the process of how to get a Germany student visa

Germany has been a part of the EU since 1995, so you apply for a Schengen Visa. As a Pakistani you have 3 options from where to apply, the German embassy is in the federal capital Islamabad. It is situated in the Diplomatic Enclave right in the heart of the city, whereas there are two consulates in Lahore and Karachi for people in Punjab and Sindh respectively. The basic question everyone asks is how to apply for Germany student visa, which in detail is answered below.
There is a checklist that is to be followed to applying for a Schengen visa,

An online application form to be filled in block letters and with full honesty.
2 Passport size photographs with a light background.
Your valid passport with at-least two empty pages and previous travel history.
A cover letter stating reason for visit.
Flight details and stay is to be clearly mentioned.
Financial means are to be clearly stated, a person applying must be able to sustain at-least 45€/per day.

These are the basic Schengen visa requirements for anyone visiting Germany for whatever reason. Now if you are a student pursuing higher education some extra things are to be attached.
A proof of your enrollment at the University
Or, a NOC (No objection certificate) from the university
A proof of your financial funds is a must.

As we have mentioned all the required and desired documents needed to just apply for a student visa, the applicant must fill in all details to the best of his/her knowledge. Bank statements play a huge role, as it is a proof of your financial sustenance in the country. Some universities demand to have a block account, i.e. you invest a certain amount of money in the foreign bank and then utilize that over the course of your stay in Germany. And one of the most important things needed is a language certificate, you should be able to have at least cleared the basic German language course in order to communicate and live in the country

Germany really has become a land of opportunity for Pakistanis either they stay for jobs in the country or return to their native country after education. Although universities in Pakistan do have a good standard, but the exposure with other International students is one of a kind experience.

Visa to Germany is not that difficult these days especially for students, you just have to follow the guidelines, be honest in the data you provide, and just be applicable for the university you are applying to. A student providing complete information and fulfilling all criteria’s listed out above will easily live in Germany, complete his/her education and then land a proper job, as Germany is offering international students this opportunity also there are various employment opportunities, and not landing a job is very hard once you have completed your degree, that is the level of employment in the beautiful European state.

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