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How to apply Germany visa from Pakistan

How to apply Germany visa from Pakistan

Germany has become the hub for International people, be it students, job seekers, businessmen or just visitors. Especially these numbers have increased in the past decade or so.Germany is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and is regarded as a land of opportunity in all sectors of life.

Germany provides the best education standards and that too free of cost, apart from some programs and degrees. It is one of the most peaceful countries globally,with high security levels and complete political stability. This makes the country a great option for either studying or working. Nowadays Germany and some Scandinavian countries are the go to place for people especially from Asia and ofcourse Pakistan. The reason why Germany stands out from the Scandinavian states is because of the level of opportunity and quality of life is considerable better in Germany as compared to them.

Now, the type of Visa depends on the reason for your visit to the country. However the basic requirement is the same, you need to get a Schengen Visa in order to visit Germany as it is part of the EU since 1995. As we live in the digital era, people prefer to have online applications, likewise now you can fill your visa application online. The basic question everyone asks is how to apply for Germany student visa?

The online visa form can be accessed on the joint website of the Embassy of Germany in Islamabad and the Consulate in Karachi. The link to be followed is,

Visa requirements for Germany

There are certain requirements and documentation to be done before you get an appointment for the visa interview at the German Embassy. As you apply for Schengen visa, that allows you to visit other countries too which are part of the EU.

The basic requirements for a visa to Germany for any purpose was quite similar, however there were some minor additions, depending on the purpose of your visit.

There is a checklist that is to be followed to applying for a Schengen visa,

An online application form to be filled in block letters and with full honesty.
2 Passport size photographs with a light background.
Your valid passport with at-least two empty pages and previous travel history.
A cover letter stating reason for visit.
Flight details and stay is to be clearly mentioned.
Financial means are to be clearly stated, a person applying must be able to sustain at-least 45€/per day.
Moving now to the types of visas one can need to visit Germany.

How to apply for visit Visa to Germany?

The maximum number of days you can stay in Germany on a visit visa is almost 90 days. Then you have to renew your visa for further stay. Again, the visitor has to either go to the German Embassy or the Consulate to finalize their visas. Applications can be filled online, however you get a call-up on first come first serve basis.

Once you get the appointment, you are due to complete all Schengen documentation and purpose of stay, you then deposit all these at the Visa counter present in the German Embassy in Islamabad.

Visa Interview

The next big step is the visa interview, the applicant is again asked to carry all original documents along him/her. The visa is held again at the Embassy or the Consulate.

Once the interview is completed, you also have to deposit the Visa processing fee, i.e. 60 Euros. This is to be deposited in the name of the Embassy at any Standard Chartered branch, and the bank notifies about your payment details to the Embassy.

Then you just wait for the processing time period, in Pakistan this takes about 14-15 business days or working days as you may call It., once the Visa is approved and received you may visit the Country.

How to apply for Student Visa from Pakistan?

These are the basic Schengen visa requirements for anyone visiting Germany for whatever reason. Now if you are a student pursuing higher education some extra things are to be attached.
A proof of your enrollment at the University
Or, a NOC (No objection certificate) from the university
A proof of your financial funds is a must.

As we have mentioned all the required and desired documents needed to just apply for a student visa, the applicant must fill in all details to the best of his/her knowledge. Bank statements play a huge role, as it is a proof of your financial sustenance in the country. Some universities demand to have a block account, i.e. you invest a certain amount of money in the foreign bank and then utilize that over the course of your stay in Germany. And one of the most important things needed is a language certificate, you should be able to have at least cleared the basic German language course in order to communicate and live in the country.

Again the timeline is same depending on when you deposit your fee and when you receive your admission letter from your applied University. Once you do have it, then again you fill the Visa Documentation, followed by a deposit into the Embassy account, then Interview and finally wait till you are granted visa to Germany.

How to apply for Business/Trade fair/Expo Visa in Germany?

A-lot of businessmen look to expand their businesses overseas, but it is not just as simple as visiting and handling business.

Again for visiting Schengen criteria remains same, however there are some added documents to be attached in order for a business visa.

An invitation from the host partner in Germany is required, which includes all details related to the business at hand.
Export documents are again a must, they must be signed and stamped, from the business partner in Germany or the Home state.
If the stay is more than 1 month, business meeting details should be documented.
Financial documents are to be attached, these include bank statements for the past year or half year, and tax information is also to be attached no entry can be given without tax information.
Partnership agreement is a must.
Certificate of Business ownership, in case the candidate is the business owner.
In case of trade fair, paid trade fair participant voucher and the bill of the voucher is to be attached.

How to apply work visa in Germany?

Again Schengen Visa is the basic requirement for applying work visa in Germany. Germany is not just known for its beauty but it is a strong economic force in the world where there is high growth and very low unemployment rates.

There are different types of work permits that Germany has to offer,

General Employment Work Permit:
Mostly people apply for a general employment work permit. The permit requires a confirmed job offer or employment letter from the employer, and this is valid up to the end of duration of the employee’s contract.

Van Der Elst Permit:
This type of permit is only issued to employees who are shifted or transferred to a German branch of the company.

Specialist Professional Work Permit:
This is a higher degree of a work permit and is only issued to those who have excelled in their field and carry great earning potential.

Now that we have mentioned different types of visas we can conclude that basically for any type of visa for Germany there are 4 essential steps,

Eligibility Criteria
Compilation of Necessary Documents
Filling out the application form
Booking the Visa appointment.

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